Technical Information

Roue de Paris is the one of the largest transportable ferris wheels on the market.
Its total weight is 365 tonnes.

The wheel is transported on eighteen lorries in total. Seven of these lorries are 20 feet containers. Ten lorries are open trailers on which the freight is carefully packed and secured. The last lorry is a closed trailer. It takes a team of specialised workers three days of 24 hours to build up the wheel. Another two and a half day is counted to build it down again.

Roue de Paris Dimensions

Wheel height: 60m (approx) Light bulbs:
Base width: 25m (approx) Revolutions: 2 speed possibilities. Ca. 0.8 and 1.2rpm
Base depth: 20m (approx) Load per gondola: 8 persons (75 kg each)
Nr. of gondolas: 42 Loading mode: 3 or 6 gondolas at a time
Nr. of spokes: 21    
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